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Gel Toe Separator "Drop"

Gel Toe Separator "Drop"

Consider using BestPointe Gel Toe Separators if you have one of the following painful conditions:

  • Small bunions
  • SoftCorns
  • Overlapping Toes

The separator will reduce friction and irritation between the toes and will fill the empty space inside the pointe shoe box to acheive the best fitting result.

These anatomically shaped spacers are made from an extremely durable material.

The BestPointe Toe Separator is available in medium size, which is suitable for children and small adults toes. For bigger spaces between toes, we recommend BestPointe Bunion Big Toe Spreaders. 

One piece in a pack.

Although the toe padding helps reducing pain while dancing, please remember that the first step in pain reduction and foot protection is to have a properly fitted shoe.

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  • Brand: BestPointe
  • Product Code: 209
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  • 7.00€

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