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Demi-pointe shoes

Demi-pointe shoes

Demi-pointe (soft pointe, soft block), preparatory pointe shoes, beginner pointe shoes, children pointe shoes

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EXAM Demi Pointe Shoes by Grishko (Pre pointe, Soft block)

The EXAM demi-pointe shoes (also known as pre-pointe, preparatory pointe shoes and soft blocks) are ..


NOVICE Preparatory Pointe Shoes by Grishko

The ideal choice for beginners learning to stand en pointe, as it uses the "super soft" shank SS. A ..


ALICE Preparatory Pointe Shoes for Children by Grishko

The ALICE pointe shoes an interim solution between EXAM and NOVICE preparatory pointe shoes. It was ..


Barbie's Magic Ballet Shoes (pointe-like shoes for children)

Dear small dancers’ parents,Of course, your little daughter is asking for real ballet pointe shoes a..