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BestPointe Pirouette Wood Board -29%

BestPointe Pirouette Wood Board

An essential tool for improving your pirouette technique, practice the spotting and ballet arm po..

26.00€ 18.50€

Pointe Shoe Case by Grishko

Keep your dance shoes and accessories safe and clean in these perfectly sized carrying cases. They f..


Pointe shoe mesh "breathable" bag by Grishko

Mesh "breathable" pointe shoe bag with a golden Grishko logo100% polyester..


Mini pointe shoes 12 cm

These mini pointe shoes are a perfect replica to the Grishko FOUETTE ballet pointe shoe. They are tw..


Souvenir "pendant" mini pointe shoe 6 sm

This tiny hand-made wonder is a perfect replica to the Grishko ballet pointe shoe and may be a nice ..


Notebook with a Grishko logo

A branded Grishko notebook with cute ballerinas on the cover. Choose pink, purple or white color...


Pen with a Grishko logo

A branded Grishko pen with cute pointe shoes picture and a logo. Pink or white color ..


Souvenir mini tutu

Express your devotion to ballet with this adorable mini tutu. These tutus with lavish decoration, ea..