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Need Custom Pointe Shoes?

Feeling your current pair is still not-so-perfect? Creating your perfect look for an upcoming performance?  Or... getting married en pointe? Get fancy with our custom-made pointe shoes. Just let us know exactly what you are looking for. Sky is our limit.


Construction adjustments

Do you sometimes have this feeling when your favorite model could be just a li-i-i-ttle bit better:  f it had just a little higher heel or lower vamp... less fabric on its sides... if only it had drawstrings... well, it would be JUST perfect!!!

What if we tell you that we can make all these adjustments for you, most of them even without extra money or with a very small additional cost? 

Need a pair from a particular shoemaker?

Other times, a dancer might say that one pair of a certain pointe shoe was perfect but others needed changes. If that is the case, I might suggest that they order shoes from a particular shoemaker instead of making a custom order. (Because Grishko shoes are all handmade, there can be slight differences in the fit of shoes made by different makers.)

Pointe shoe art

You are very much obsessed with pointe shoes - just like us at's. For us, it is not enough to just wear pointe shoes. We need them to decorate our place, to give them as a gift, to get married in pointe shoes... No problem! We can do just about anything – pretty pretties, garnish, dye or paint - whatever you want done, just ask!

Dos and don'ts 

About 30% of our orders are for custom pointe shoes - and they are not only for professionals. It is quite easy, inexpensive and makes you feel so special... Although we do not recommend a custom order for those who have never tried this certain model on before, or whose feet are still growing (by the time the shoes arrived they might not fit). 

How to order?

Every custom order begins as a conversation, so you just start with dropping us an e-mail. The more we know about your pointe pursuits, the better we can nail the perfect custom shoe for you.  From concept to reality, we will work together to create a pointe masterpiece as individual as you are.

What you need to know?

• We can work with almost any customization you can imagine.

• All custom orders take 4-6 weeks.

• There is no minimum order - you may order just one pair. 

• Custom orders may not be cancelled or returned so please make sure you're ordering the right size or use our Free Fitting Service before you order!