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Padding and Orthopedic products

Padding and Orthopedic products

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Gel toe pads

The cotton/gel toe pad is designed with no gel under the foot so the dancer has only thin protect..


Silicone mini-pads

Tiny and unobtrusive, Grishko mini toe pads can be placed accurately inside the shoe and give the to..


Silicone pads

The silicone pads are made of an ecological and soft material which provides comfort for a dancer's ..


Cotton pointe shoe pads

The pointe shoe pads are made of ecological synthetic material and are especially designed to absorb..


Big Toe Spreader

If there is a big space between the big toe and the second toe, consider filling it with silicone sp..


Bunion Pad & Toe Spreader

The bunion pad placed directly over the bunion region will help avoid pain, swelling, redness and bl..


Silicone Toe Cap

The Silicone Toe Cap provides cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, nails and cutil..


Attachable Arch Enhancer / "Farches"

Grishko’s new Arch Enhancers (also known as "farches" - fake arches) is a mesh sleeve with a silicon..


Gel Toe Separator "Drop"

Consider using BestPointe Gel Toe Separators if you have one of the following painful conditions:Sma..