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Silicone pads

Silicone pads

The silicone pads are made of an ecological and soft material which provides comfort for a dancer's toes. They are made of soft, pliable, yet resilient hypoallergenic medical grade silicon. This improved formula helps diminish pain and reduce shock impact while rehearsing and performing. Although the toe padding helps reducing pain while dancing, please remember that the first step in pain reduction and foot protection is to have a properly fitted shoe. The pads may be cut to size with scissors if necessary.

After use wash the pads in soapy warm water, dry gently and powder them with talc.

Instructions for Use:

We suggest that if you do intend wearing GRISHKO Silicone Toe Pads, you take them along to your fitting to ensure an appropriate fit with the pads in place.

1) Lightly dust pads with powder (talcum or body) both inside and out.

2) Insert your toes into the pouch.

3) Pull your tights on over the pads.

4) Ensure the pad covers the toes without any creases.

5) One size fits all. If required, cut the edges of the pads to size so that cushioning is provided only where needed, and is not taking up unnecessary space.

6) Put your pointe shoe on carefully, ensuring you load your foot centrally.

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