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Pointe Shoe Academy

Starting Pointe Shoes? 

Learn how to choose, adjust and take care of your pointe shoes! is proud to present it's Free online course for pointe beginners.  You will find out answers for the most frequent questions about your first (second) pair of pointe shoes. Pointe Shoe Academy is a series of daily Newsletter Lessons.  We prepared them for beginner pointe users, but some topics could be useful also for advanced students - and maybe even for ballet teachers. 

I wish there was a book, or any other source like this when I was putting my pointe shoes for the first time. A source where I could have learned how to sew my the ribbons, what to do and what not to do with the shoes - and, most important, why it was so painful the first time and how to get rid of this pain - once and forever. I am so glad we managed to get this information together and hope it will help someone to enjoy ballet day after day!

- Inna Mayorova, owner

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