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A customer review: #bestpointemademyday

26/09/2016 0 Comment(s) Customers Stories & Reviews,

My student commented yesterday, "how is it you can wear your pointe shoes without elastic and they don't fall off?" I told them because they are the perfect fit! This is what happens when someone you work with is an expert at their job!

She is a breathtaking dancer, a teacher and also ... a mother of FOUR. 

Dana sent us her measurements and footprints to see if there was a better shoe for her than the 2007 that she was using. Long toes, narrow feet, slightly compressible, great arch that could use a nice v-vamp. We suggested her to try a Vaganova model, (3,5 XX) and she told us that she used to wear that model long ago - but they are very hard to find in local store. A couple of weeks after we shipped the parcel with Vaganovas, the cutest hashtag appeared on her Facebook:  



That week, we also received more than 20 fitting requests from dancers from Dana's area... here's what happens when a customer take time to share a review - thanks so much for that Dana, hope to see more of your dance projects of facebook soon! 

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