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DREAMPOINTE 2007 by Grishko New
DreamPointe 2007 is the most new and extremely durable model by Grishko, which insole and platform i..

POLETTE Pointe Shoes by R-Class (Russian Pointe) New
A quite special model. The Polette is highly recommended for feet with “disappearing heel”. It has a..

GRANDE Pointe Shoes by R-Class (Russian Pointe) New
One of the most famous model of Polette Collection by R-Class (Russian Pointe). It is the roomiest p..

BRAVA Pointe Shoes by R-Class (Russian Pointe) New
This model comes of the Spotlight collection by R-Class (Russian Pointe), noted for its pre-arched t..

RUBIN Pointe Shoes by R-Class (Russian Pointe) New
The most famous model of Jewels Collection by R-Class (Russian Pointe). Well known for its advance c..

Silicone Toe Cap New
The Silicone Toe Cap provides cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, nails and cutil..

Bunion Pad & Toe Spreader New
The bunion pad placed directly over the bunion region will help avoid pain, swelling, redness and bl..

Big Toe Spreader New
If there is a big space between the big toe and the second toe, consider filling it with silicone sp..

Gel Toe Separator "Drop" New
Consider using BestPointe Gel Toe Separators if you have one of the following painful conditions:Sma..

Black bird Skirt New
Fabric: opaque chiffon (100% polyester)One sizeHeight of model: 170 cm..

Grishko's most popular model fits a remarkable variety of feet and has a beautiful, sleek appearance..

The model is produced on a FOUETTE last but has a machine stitched, scored suede leather sole...

Everybody used to think that pointe shoes are salmon-beige... impress them with your RED pointe shoe..

Nova pointe shoe is based on «Grishko 2007» model with the following additional features: sound-redu..

The shoe is based on traditional GRISHKO-2007 pointe shoes, using a sound absorbing PRO technology. ..

Grishko-2007 PRO-FLEX pointe shoes do not require breaking in, and use a sound-absorbing technology ..

Grishko’s new Arch Enhancers (also known as "farches" - fake arches) is a mesh sleeve with a silicon..

If you feel that you need more spacious box, Triumph pointe shoe is what you are searching for. Base..

The Fouette model by Grishko has a broad box and a wide platform, and is preferred by dancers who wi..

Glue the Pointe shoe caps made of beige suede to protect the toes. Natural leather. Pointe shoe plat..

This model is based on the original Grishko-2007 last, with longer flexible wings and a wider platfo..

The EXAM demi-pointe shoes (also known as pre-pointe, preparatory pointe shoes and soft blocks) are ..

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Penny was one of my first customers. Back then, when she was 10 years old and a pointe beginner. Now she is 17, the boast of her dance school - becaus...
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How to select the right skirt type for your ballet outlook?

How to select the right skirt type for your ballet outlook?

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With a welcoming mood to our newest entry, a gorgeous collection of a russian ballet dancewear Zefir brand, we have made a little research in order to...
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A customer review: #bestpointemademyday

A customer review: #bestpointemademyday

26/09/2016 0
My student commented yesterday, "how is it you can wear your pointe shoes without elastic and they don't fall off?" I told them because they are the p...
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Tribute to Vaganova

Tribute to Vaganova

20/09/2016 0
When you have toes like this... I was wondering if you could make any model recommendations for me. I wear an 8.5/9 and have narrow feet and long toes...
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Why each Grishko pointe pair is unique and how you can use this...

Why each Grishko pointe pair is unique and how you can use this...

14/09/2016 0
 Have you ever experienced any different feeling while switching from your old pair of pointe shoes to your new one - while the model and the size are...
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Let us prolong the life of your pointe shoes!

Let us prolong the life of your pointe shoes!

23/08/2016 0
In response to popular demand, we launched a service offering attaching protective elements to your pointe shoes. Prolong the life of your shoes and r...
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How does BestPointe co-operate with ballet teachers (example)

How does BestPointe co-operate with ballet teachers (example)

22/08/2016 0
Meet Isabelle. She is a ballet teacher in Ghent, Belgium. "Three years ago I ordered my first pair of pointe shoes through BestPointe. At that moment ...
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